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Vicky Harrison, Tyler’s mom (Moo is what Tyler called her…) is in her 37th year of her career in education.  She has dedicated her life to helping children and their families, particularly ones in Special Education.  Vicky works half time in the Phoenix area as a school psychologist.  Prior to being a school psychologist for 32 years, Vicky taught special education and started developmentally disabled adult training services in her community, through a federal grant.

Vicky is speaking to clients in a recovery center in the Phoenix area on a routine basis.  She is determined to help save lives by speaking to students and adults regarding drug prevention and recovery.  Vicky is on a mission to help create healthier communities and families through her public speaking. Read the amazing comments written to her in response to her presentations.  She is also speaking/doing book signings in B&N as well as libraries.  Release Me, Vicky’s book, is available online at Amazon and B&N.

Contact Vicky to speak to your school, recovery center, or other agency/group by emailing her at